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it probably should. this administration has shown itself to rely on drones and technology. hillary clinton mentioned this was a problem at the state department. we can bet it was a problem at the defense department. but this administration wants to put its faith there. we need manpower. in reality we still spend more than anyone else. but with iran heating up i don't think it's wise for us to be cutting back there. martha: how much of this is p.r. for lack of a better word in terms of alarming people. if you don't come to some sort of deal in washington you will see and hear more about losing presence in areas like the persian gulf? >> i think have much so. you have got republicans want to go pull back on sequestration. you have got the democrats wanting to. i think this is posturing for the white house trying to show republicans who are ostensibly the pro-defense party, we are going to make cutbacks in areas you don't want to cutback if the sequestration doesn't go through. martha: defense is one of the most important parts of the budget. if the see questionser kicks in is it an across th
to bill clinton as well. woodward was threatened by unnamed senior staffer. turns out to be gene sperling. we have the e-mails. looks to me like woodward hyped that claim. he responds to gene sperling's line that he repeated there, you will regret to reported this by saying, gene, you never have to apologize to me. martha: look at that one, tucker, we have the new e-mail, which maybe, released at this point to show, oh it was no big deal. there was no threat going on because look what bob woodward said in response. he said, gene, you do not ever have to apologize to me. you get wound up because you're making your points and you believe them. this is all part of a serious discussion. i for one welcome a little heat. there should be more give the importance. i also welcome your personal advice. i'm listening. i they you have lived all of this. my partial advantage i talked extensively with all involved for the book that woodward wrote. i'm traveling and will try to reach you after 3:00 p.m. today. what i see, tucker, basically he doesn't want to burn any bridges here. >> right. martha: he w
in charge with the people on the ground. >> would you say secretary clinton in charge. >> pardon me? >> was secretary clinton in charge. >> the people in charge, were the ambassador there at benghazi. >> no. but, they can't, you know, they were trying to save their lives. rick: richard grenell, a former spokesperson for the last four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. byron york, is chief political correspondent at the "washington examiner". gentlemen, good to see you both. rick, you first. you worked at a number of administrations. odd that the president himself would be so hands off while one of our consulates was under attack? >> yeah, very odd. i think it's, mitt romney was right. it really was a weak response from the president. he was off in vegas at a fund-raiser. the simple fact is, they took a couple pictures in the oval office where secretary panetta was briefing the president. but the president was hands off. the other thing we learned, secretary clinton was hand off. these employees that were under attack were state department employees. where was secretary clinton? she didn't
. he will be speaking to the employees there. it seemed like yesterday hillary clinton was doing there is. the former massachusetts senator was sworn in as the 68th secretary of state for this country after hillary clinton formally resigned. gregg: a nasty surprise for drivers. gasoline prices taking a huge jump up 18 cents in the last week alone. the national average $3.53 for a gallon of regular. what's the deal? >> reporter: i think this is the direct result of ben bernanke promising to keep printing money. as he makes the promises the dollar goes down and the price of oil and gas goes up. the usual suspects are supply and demand or refiners of the oil companies or manipulation of the numbers. this time it seems to be a function of the sharply lower dollar because ben is printing so much money. it looks like we are on the way to a new normal. the old new normal was $3.50 a gallon. it looks like we'll move to another new normal of $3.75. gregg: timing couldn't be worse. you have got unemployment ticking up. you have got a negative gdp for fourth quarter. bad timing. >> reporter
clinton you heard senior members about of the obama administration articulate very clearly what the threat looks like today. >> what we're dealing with now is the jihadists who have been associated with al qaeda, who have gained unfortunately very serious combat experience coming back to the countries that they left in order to go wage jihad in central asia. so whether they call themselves al qaeda or boca, or ansar al-sharia, they are all part of the same global jihadist movement and there may be differences between them but their goals are unfortunately similar and pose threats to us and our partners. >> reporter: one of the main threads that connects the homegrown phenomenon in this country, these individuals who buy into radical islam is the american cleric anwar al-awlaki who was killed by the cia in drone strike in 2011, the first american targeted for death though he still inspires with his writings from the grave. the term often used by the president's counterterrorism advisor that al qaeda has become like a cancer. >> any element that is seated with al qaeda has as part of its age
clinton. >> you have to ask questions to get answers. if you make statements in a congressional hearing you'll get statements filibustering back at you. lindsey graham said that the hagel nomination for secretary of defense would not make it on to the floor unless the armed services committee got testimony from leon panetta about benghazi. that looks to be in train and i think they will insist that that testimony take place before the committee itself votes on the hagel nomination. bill: just one more question here, very broadly speaking. we were just talking about the middle east. you could move south on that map and talk about the northern continent of africa. >> right. bill: what are we doing as a country to engage in either of these areas to make sure the problems of today do not get worse? >> we have no strategy. that's why i've been so concerned that the whole sweep from the atlanta coast of west africa, through the middle east, all the way over to pakistan is deteriorating from the proceed pebgt tiff the united states and its close allies. israel, arab countries in the region. th
can't get aircraft carriers i need. or even bill clinton saying i will not attack saddam hussein intelligence headquarters as he did when clinton was president because of some budget document. go ahead. >> really is profound how the president has steeped into this fear-mongering on the sequestration which was by the way his idea. you can say, as i was, talking to james carville's class down at tulane last night. the he is saying the president came up with sequestration, he was negotiating with hostage takers it was the best he could do. it was his idea. to go so far as he has woodward is right. the president doesn't being held accountable for what he himself did. bill: when woodward talks about the aircraft carrier, doesn't that give you a better glimpse what the president's priorities are? you can make the case he has wanted to cut the pentagon budget since talking the whew house 4 1/2 years ago. >> he was wanted to cut the pentagon since he was a state senator in illinois. he is getting his way. the left is very happy from sequestration. there are reports saying hey, we're fina
clinton had newt gingrich and bob doyle to deal with they balanced the budget and reformed re welfare. i think americans want to see us work together. he need to stop campaigning. >> one of the tricky things with the tax reform issue that i see is that early on in the process of trying to come in with a way to bring in more revenue republicans said we are willing to do it, we'd like tow do it through tax reform,ee lame nature some of the loopholes, talk about capital gains. they raised taxes initially as part of the fiscal cliff bargain, now they are coming back for more and saying we also want what you suggested the first time around. >> if you read the congressional budget office latest report over the last four decade the average amount of money that the president got coming in was 17.9% of gdp. it says this president is going to get 19.1%, it's going to take from the economy, from the gdp. he already has more revenue on average than the last 40 years. his problem is spending. if you just look at the first -- martha: nancy pelosi says spending is not the problem. the president has sai
house, make no mistake. when i worked for bill clinton, we did the same thing. we wanted to bypass the national media. bill: this is local television. you did not have google hankouts, facebook online town hall meetings. seems like that is their strategy lately, to go around the press corps in washington and another example here in san francisco. but, doug, there are stories being written about the dangers of overconfidence. when you win a second term and you begin that second term. do you see that? >> well, i've seen the stories. his great asset, bluntly and i think monica might even agree with my, are the republicans. the "usa today poll" numbers, pew has them at record low of 22% favorable. in the absence of real opposition the account is able to get away with this. he knows the media is the real opposition. so he is hiding out as much as he can, bypassing them, going directly to the american people, using social media, the web and local t. have. bill: monica? >> that is one of the great ironies doug says, he thinks the media is the enemy in some way. this media has been such a
for president bill clinton. monica crowley, good friends of this show and well-known fox news contributors. comparison to denzel washington, cheering on the shooter in this case, what do you think about that? >> i think these comments are so outrageous and totally inappropriate. they are comparing movies, fiction, to real life where there are real people dead and there are real families suffering here. this man, christopher dorner was a brutal, merciless unrepentant killer. comments like this do is glorify that. it is so fascinating they would take movies and try to draw a parallel to real-life horrors and real-life suffering. this is completely outrageous. martha: this guy killed in cold blood a 27-year-old woman who had nothing to do with whatever his perceived injustice against him are. his father was involved in one of his cases. her fiance now gone. two young police officers with young families murdered in cold blood as well. listen to the piece of sound, a juxtaposition here. this is jena crane, wife of one of those lost. >> that is how he was with us. every day got better. every day
obama set the standard for transparency in the same way bill clinton entered office say he would have the most ethical administration in history and he lived to regret saying that. i think it is ebb tirely fair to hold barack obama for the standards he set for himself. setting a standard that doesn't let you take a three-day weekend to go on vacation when you're president of the united states is silly but if that is the standard he sets, that i'm in favor of. there is lot of opportunities to shout questions at united states. with the exception of fox news and couple other outlets it is questions they don't get it showed to him that bother me more than letting him have a week off. jamie: i want to ask you a question about what about the company a president keeps? what do you think? >> i think it's pretty embarrassing. i remember, there is republican convention some guys on msnbc thought that senator mitch mcconnell was racist in attacking president obama for playing golf because the republicans were quote, according to lawrence o'donnell trying to associate the president of with the un
reagan, president clinton, faced, the president is the one that has to lead the most. and that is where he is pushing back at the white house as they have fired at him. bill: they are just mixed up, surprisingly. so the words of woodward today, bob cusack thank you for your words right now. have a great week. >> thank you, bill. bill: here is martha. martha: here is a question for you on monday morning. is it a new cold war that could cripple countries? cyber war, we prepared for this or are we flat footed in possible war with china? bill: there are breaking developments in the vatican. changes to the upcoming conclave to pick the next pope we're hearing. we'll tell you what that is about moments away. eat good fats. avoid bad. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i seet: great grains. great grains cereal stts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. you can't argue th nutrition you can see. great gr
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)